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Call for interest to participate - Octocrylene Restriction CE Consortium

Deadline to respond: 12/04/2024

In light of the restriction intention notified by ANSES in October 2023, Cosmetics Europe is calling for interested companies to join a technical ingredient collaboration related to Octocrylene. The aim of the consortium is to identify information already available on Octocrylene in cosmetics and personal care products, to jointly generate new information and submit it in relation to a possible REACH Annex XV Restriction Proposal.

Consortium participants will accept to contribute a share of the costs incurred by the consortium and to accept the conditions stipulated in the consortium contract, which will be agreed by the consortium participants.

For more information and to notify the initial interest to participate, interested parties are invited to contact Estefania Cardamone until Friday 12th of April 2024.

Membership in the consortium is open also after the deadline to express the interest to participate, i.e. during all the life of the consortium, provided a fair contribution to accumulated costs is made. At any point in time an interested market operator can apply to join a consortium as a late joiner.

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