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Consumer Insights 2017

“No industry can afford to ignore what consumers say. It is the insights of our consumers that help drive our industry forward” – John Chave, Director General of Cosmetics Europe.

In June 2017, Cosmetics Europe published the ‘Consumer Insights 2017’ prepared on its behalf by Third-i. The report sets out to discover what consumers from across Europe, in all age groups, men and women, really think about our products and their impact on factors such as self-esteem, well-being, and social interaction. And as consumers in our digital age demand accessible and accurate information, we asked about how we meet these needs too.

In this major new study, consumers told us cosmetics and personal care products matter: 71% said they are important or very important in their daily lives. Their positive perception extended across a range of goods - from oral, hair and skin care to sunscreens and other cosmetic and personal care products.


Most revealing however, is the clear link consumers make between cosmetics and personal care products and quality of life; 72% of consumers said that the cosmetic and personal care products they use improve their quality of life. This extended across every age group and is particularly strong among women, depicting an industry aligned to consumer needs and providing an effective range of products to meet them.


Given the important role in consumers’ quality of life, it is unsurprising that 68% of consumers consider cosmetics and personal care industry products important or very important to how they are perceived by others. Consumers also agree that cosmetics and personal care products help them to interact with others in the way that they want.


When asked to prioritise their most important criteria of quality of life, consumers value good health and personal hygiene the most; and placed cosmetics and personal care products as key to achieving and maintaining them. Consumers consider these most important to their quality of life - even above financial stability or a rewarding job - reflecting an emerging emphasis on well-being across society.

Consumer perception also supports wider current research that cosmetics and personal care products play an important role in building up self-esteem and enhancing social interactions every day. More revealing, however, is the strength of this connection. 80% of consumers identified cosmetics and personal care products as important or very important in building up self-esteem. Interestingly, this perception was almost uniform across age brackets: everyone from young millennials to older age groups relying on products that matter to them to help enhance how they feel in their daily lives.


In a science-driven and fast-paced industry that makes significant research and development investments to deliver on consumers’ expectations and needs, consumers appreciate innovation most as a tool to drive product quality and efficacy. In terms of accessing and assessing product information on or off-line, 68% of consumers feel that they can access the information they are looking for


Feedback given to ‘Consumer Insights 2017’, suggests a positive relationship between consumers and cosmetics and personal care industry products they consider improve quality of life, build up self-esteem and enhance their social interactions.

Read the whole ‘Consumer Insights 2017’ here.

‘Consumer Insights 2017’report, prepared by Third-i on behalf of Cosmetics Europe, provides a snapshot at European level of consumer perceptions of the cosmetics and personal care industry.

It was based on an online survey of 4116 consumers in April 2017 across ten EU Member States (Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and UK). Respondents were representative of each country’s gender distribution and age groups.

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    Read the whole "Consumer Insights 2017" here
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