Hair Care


Shampoos, conditioners, hair colourants, texturisers, serums, hair sprays, growth stimulators, anti-dandruff shampoos, lotions

Did you know?

  • The use of henna as a hair colourant was first recorded around 1400-1500 BC
  • Hairdressing salons for men were popular in ancient Rome, and women put soil and water into their hair, rolled it with textiles and baked it in the sun to create a temporary wave
  • During the 18th century white, light blue and pink hair colours were popular. They were produced from flour or powdered plant particles and sprinkled on highly-piled wigs
  • The Hindi word châmpo meant head massage, and in the early 19th century, Bengali entrepreneur Sake Dean Mahomed introduced scalp massages with hair oil to England
  • English hair stylists made early shampoos by boiling shaved soap in water and adding herbs to give hair fragrance


  • Improved personal hygiene via treatment of dandruff, itchy scalp, greasiness
  • Enables self--expression, helping consumers have confidence in their appearance and greater self-esteem
  • Meeting specific consumer needs such as controlling fly-away hair, taming unruly hair with relaxants, adding texture to limp hair, repairing damages hair ad restoring colour to aged hair


"I wish for a product that would also brush my hair..."