Perfumes, colognes, salves, scented oils

Did you know?

  • Use of perfume dates back to the beginning of mankind; the first perfume bottles, found in the Mediterranean, can be traced to 7000 BC
  • The first recorded perfume maker and chemist was a woman from 2000 BC Mesopotamia named Tapputi, who mixed flowers, oil and calamus (the scented root of a march-based plant) with other aromatics
  • From 1050 - 1580 BC perfume was used in religious rituals; after this, perfumes were either burned as incense or applied to the body as perfumed balms and oils
  • The first modern perfume, Hungaria Water, was produced in Hungary in 1370 when scented oils were blended in an alcohol solution
  • Modern distillation methods were developed in Europe during the 15th century
  • "Perfume gloves" were introduced in France during the 18th century, launching the industry


  • Fragrances play a significant role in enhancing personal well-being
  • Aromatherapy research reveals that smells influence our emotions, inspire creativity and are the fastest memory-triggers
  • The sense of smell is proven to be an important factor in the process through which we form relationships


"I wish that the fragrance I wear could improve the moods of the people around me..."