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SystemKosmetik: Responsible production beyond requirements

A full-service manufacturer and developer of cosmetic products, SystemKosmetik aims to protect the environment beyond regulatory requirements. From its manufacturing base in Bavaria, the company is reducing its environmental footprint by creating ecological and circular solutions for its production processes.

Fully integrating sustainable practices

SystemKosmetik manufactures and develops products for renowned cosmetics producers as well as the cosmetics retail industry, pharmacies and beauty centres offering products under their own labels. The company is committed to take over responsibility for the environment and to contribute to the global rethinking of the impact of its daily actionsIt encourages employees to take responsible action by providing information, continuous training, regular instructions and self-inspections.

The ecological approach of SystemKosmetik is based on the idea that everything in our living space is interrelated: environmental protection, accident prevention, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and quality management are all integrated in its internal guidelines. Always striving for improvement, the corporate principles of SystemKosmetik include the careful handling of energy resources, waste prevention and proper waste disposal, responsible treatment of wastewater and the development of products with renewable raw materials.

An ecological wastewater solution

SystemKosmetik’s concern for the environment determines the set-up of its production processes, all of which are conducted at its site in Münster, Bavaria. The proper treatment of wastewater is essential to preventing environmental pollution, making it a high priority for the EUDue to the strong increase in the local population, the municipal sewage treatment plant used by the company’s Bavarian base had reached its limit. In addition, special wastewater produced by cosmetics production could not be treated in the sewage treatment plant. To reduce the burden on the local wastewater plant, the company decided to build its own environmentally friendly flotation plant to pre-treat wastewater by removing emulsions and solids.

Starting in 2009, SystemKosmetik started planning and building its own flotation wastewater treatment plant, adding storage, digital measurement and filtration capacity throughout the following years. Its pre-treatment of production wastewater goes beyond regulatory requirements and provides an efficient alternative to municipal end-of-pipe solutions. SystemKosmetik’s environmental manager is charged with monitoring, reporting, suggesting improvements and liaising with the local community. The wastewater project benefits from its constructive dialogue between the company and the municipality to find optimal environmental solutions.

The proof is in the water

The positive impact of SystemKosmetik’s wastewater system is reflected in measurements shown in its wastewater analysis: parameters such as pH, clarity, chemical oxygen demand (COD) and water content show a clear improvement in wastewater quality. The company conducts a large-scale analysis with regulatory parameters for its wastewater on a quarterly basis.

The heat extracted through the treatment process is stored and used to reduce the company’s energy usage. SystemKosmetik is now working on a solution to convert the resulting sludge into fuel for local companies, creating a truly circular wastewater management solution.

In 2020 the company was awarded the winner of the Responsible Care Competition in Bavaria as well as receiving the prize for Best SME Project in Germany.

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