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Meet the Team

  • John Chave
    John Chave
  • Hind Benrhanem
    HR Manager & Executive Assistant
    Hind Benrhanem
  • Florian Schellauf
    Senior Manager
    Florian Schellauf
  • Karolina Brzuska
    Scientific and Regulatory Manager
    Karolina Brzuska
  • Estefania Cardamone
    Project Manager
    Estefania Cardamone
  • Savvina Loutatidou
    Junior Project Manager
    Savvina Loutatidou
  • Orla Fenlon
    Orla Fenlon
  • Alicia Segbia
    Alicia Segbia

Cosmetics Europe legal department ensures the overall legal compliance of the activities of Cosmetics Europe.

In addition, it provides legal analysis for the topics on which the association actively engages (EU regulated areas), and is part of the advocacy teams working on specific topics.

Finally, the legal department provides legal support to all ingredients defence consortia managed by Cosmetics Europe.

  • Emma Trogen
    Emma Trogen
  • Emilie Rinchard
    Legal Affairs Manager
    Emilie Rinchard
  • Hind Benrhanem
    HR Manager & Executive Assistant
    Hind Benrhanem

The Public Affairs & Communications department provides specialist integrated public affairs knowledge and expertise in full partnership with the CE team and our members. Our goal is to make a positive impact for the cosmetics and personal care industry in the EU external political, policy, legislative and stakeholder environment, and to contribute to the achievement of building trustworthiness and enhancing reputation.

Communication has a key role in ensuring integrated strategic communications with our stakeholders to achieve Cosmetics Europe’s mission. In order to do this, our team proactively manages relationships and works towards providing effective integrated and targeted communications across various contexts, channels and media.

  • Diane Watson
    Diane Watson
  • Malgorzata Miazek
    Senior Communications Manager
    Malgorzata Miazek
  • Maria Wouters
    Public Affairs Manager
    Maria Wouters
  • Alicia Segbia
    Alicia Segbia

The Resources and Services department provides specialist knowledge and expertise in the fields of Finances, IT and Office Management. Our goal is to offer the optimal professional support to the overall CE team and to the Cosmetics Europe Membership.

  • Xavier Wouters
    Accounting Manager
    Xavier Wouters
  • Delphine Gilles
    Office Manager & Events Supervisor
    Delphine Gilles
  • Betina Simonsen
    Senior IT Project Manager
    Betina Simonsen
  • Gabriella Vydeelingum
    Receptionist / Admin Assistant
    Gabriella Vydeelingum

The Cosmetics Europe Science & Research (S&R) department manages the Alternative Animal Testing (AAT) research programmes undertaken jointly by CE members.

In addition, the S&R department manages the industry’s position and activities on existing and emerging health and environment concerns related to products or ingredients.

  • Rob Taalman
    Rob Taalman
  • Filipe Almeida
    Issue Manager Sciences
    Filipe Almeida
  • Martina Klaric
    Project Manager LRSS
    Martina Klaric
  • Sabrina Dourte
    Project Assistant
    Sabrina Dourte
  • Irene Manou
    Senior Project Manager
    Irene Manou

The Technical Regulatory department operates at the interface between the EU legal texts and their implementation into practice by the industry. Whilst the main focus is on the EU Cosmetics Regulation (1223/2009), other laws that impact our industry operations are also covered.

The scientific and technical input of Cosmetics Europe is a key contribution in the European regulatory process.
Increasingly, Cosmetics Europe technical regulatory staff also represents the interests of its members throughout the world through the promotion of global regulatory compatibility and the removal of technical trade barriers.

  • Gerald Renner
    Gerald Renner
  • Manuela Coroama
    Senior Manager
    Manuela Coroama
  • Elsa Dietrich
    International Relations Manager
    Elsa Dietrich
  • Orla Fenlon
    Orla Fenlon
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