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Message from the Director-General


On behalf of the members of Cosmetics Europe, and our team here in Brussels, I would like to welcome you to our website.

Here, we want to give you a real insight into how our industry works. You will discover how we ensure our products are safe, how we innovate and create new products, how cosmetics and personal care products are regulated, how we contribute to environmental sustainability…and much more.

We also want to show you a little of what our industry brings to European society, both in terms of our huge economic contribution (the European market is the biggest in the world), but also our contribution to people’s daily lives.

Finally we aim to explain some of the work undertaken by our team here in Brussels on behalf of our members, in the highly complex and continually evolving regulatory and policy environment here in the EU.

We hope you will come away with a better understanding of our dynamic, diverse and innovative sector – a flagship European industry, creating products which enhance the lives of Europeans on a daily basis.


John Chave

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