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Partnership for Change


The world is facing a tremendous change driven by global trends such as Globalisation, Digitalisation, Individualisation and Population Growth. Resource demand is rising and people, businesses and the economies are equally impacted by these driving forces. They put the cosmetics and personal care industry at a major juncture. In this fast-moving world, we want to ensure a “future proof” environment conducive to a thriving industry, that enables us to continue to deliver to the needs and expectation of consumers.

“As an association, we strive to be as dynamic and forward-looking as the industry that we are proud to represent. Our goal is to ensure that our industry remains well placed to meet the challenges of the future, and that it continues to be an icon of European industry”, John Chave, Director General, Cosmetics Europe.

In 2015 we evolved our dialogue with stakeholders across many topics that touch our sector and consumers. But our work is far from finished. We will deepen and broaden our dialogue to develop partnerships for change to enable policy and regulatory solutions for our industry to adapt and flourish in a changing world.

We welcome you to join us in this dialogue and offer to partner with you around:

  • Upholding scientific, risk-based, consumer safety regulation.
  • Ensuring an enabling framework for innovation embedding the “Innovation Principle” in policy making.
  • Supporting freedom to pursue economic activity best suited to business models in an omnichannel trading environment.
  • Driving international regulatory convergence towards a harmonisation of cosmetics regulations, on the basis of best practices.
  • Promoting sustainable consumption and best sustainable business practices.


We are ready to address a changing world. Are you?

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    Read our publication "Partnership for Change"

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