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Partnership for Change

Major global changes are underway driving and impacting people, businesses and economies in the 21st century. They fundamentally alter the way we produce, communicate and consume.

Our world is ever increasingly globalised and urbanised. Economies, societies and public authorities are more and more interdependent. Juxtaposed is the increasing trend of populism and national sentiments. Digitalisation further enables interconnectivity and technological convergence, information dissemination, education and individual empowerment everywhere across the globe.

We are facing a swing in our socio-economic context that drives industrial changes as in Europe, demographic change, migration and ageing are leading to more diversified and individualised populations.

In the context of global population growth, demands for our key resources such as water, food and energy become exponential.

These trends are placing the European cosmetics and personal care industry at a major juncture. They deeply influence and constantly change consumer behaviours, preferences and expectations with regard to cosmetics and personal care products. They challenge and drive the industry’s global leadership in terms of innovation and product design, consumer dialogue and industrial competitiveness, but also in resource consciousness along supply chains and supporting social progress.

“As an association, we strive to be as dynamic and forward-looking as the industry that we are proud to represent. Our goal is to ensure that our industry remains well placed to meet the challenges of the future, and that it continues to be an icon of European industry”

John Chave, Director General, Cosmetics Europe

Cosmetics Europe wants to ensure there is a “future proof” environment that is conducive to a thriving cosmetics and personal care industry and that enables us to continue to deliver to the needs and expectation of consumers.

Cosmetics Europe and its members are central to the well-functioning of the European cosmetics and personal care regulatory and policy framework and is a connector to the European consumer.

Our vision is for a Europe that responds to the future needs of consumers and enables us to adapt to global change.

We want a Europe that maximises sustainable innovation, enhances competitiveness and growth and boosts the socio economic impact of our industry for the benefit and care of the consumers.

We want to be a catalyst in providing solutions for Europe’s key future challenges, to continuously improve consumers’ quality of life with our products and to flourish as a European industry at the forefront of the global market place.

We strive for a mutually supportive partnership with all our stakeholders to formulate and achieve common goals and solutions.

We personally care for the future.

We are ready to address a changing world. Are you?

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