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Call for interest to participate - Synthetic Amorphous Silica Consortium

Deadline to respond: 17.09.2021

Cosmetics Europe, the European Personal Care Association, is calling for interested parties to participate in a technical ingredient collaboration related to Synthetic Amorphous Silica (SAS) with the aim of preparing safety dossiers for submission to the European Commission under the ongoing safety review process for four INCI SAS materials, i.e. Silica (CAS:7631-86-9/ 112945-52-5), Hydrated Silica (CAS 7631-86-9/ 112926-00-8), Silica Dimethyl Silylate (CAS : 68611-44-9), Silica Silylate (CAS: 68909-20-6).

Participants will accept to contribute a share of the costs incurred and to accept the conditions stipulated in the collaboration agreement, which will be agreed by the participants.

Membership in the collaboration is open also after the deadline to express the interest to participate, i.e. during all the lifetime of the contractual relationship, provided a fair contribution to accumulated costs is made. At any point in time an interested manufacturer of SAS or manufacturer of cosmetic products containing SAS can apply to join as a late joiner.

Interested parties are invited to contact Cosmetics Europe at consortia@cosmeticseurope.eu.

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