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COVID-19: Working together in crisis


The COVID-19 outbreak is impacting societies, citizens and economies in Europe and around the world. In this extraordinary crisis situation, many companies (including multinational and SMEs), have already taken actions to support collective efforts such as shifting production from their normal production lines for making critical personal hygiene hand cleansing products, ramping up production of these essential products and also making donations to institutions and the public.


  • Donating sales proceeds from selected products to those who are affected by the emergency.
AVON (Italy)
  • In cooperation with 1CaffèOnlus, donating 1 euro for each order received to Italian Civil Protection Department.
  • Changing production plan and capabilities in order to produce disinfectant and distributing app. 40 000 bottles of it so far to institutions and companies working in the medical sector, senior citizens etc.
  • Factory in Tres Cantos (Madrid) producing and donating 5,000 units of disinfectant gel daily. Distributing 7,000 liters of gel to the SAMUR ambulances in Madrid, to the new temporary field hospital of IFEMA and to the Hospital of Alcalá de Henares.

  • Starting production of hand sanitizer.
  • Introducing educational communication campaigns to emphasize hand hygiene necessity, how and when to use sanitizers.
  • Regularly donating most crucial hygiene and skin protection products to municipalities, volunteers and doctors.
  • Together with its historical fragrances partner, ICR (Industrie Cosmetiche Riunite), planning to manufacture hundreds of thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer gel in the coming 2 months. The product will be distributed in 75ml recyclable bottles through the Protezione Civile (Italian Civil Protection Department).
  • Starting manufacturing units of sanitizing hydroalcoholic gel for healthcare personnel.
  • Starting special production of sanitizing hand gel and donating 110 000 pieces to various associations and communities.
  • Producing hydro-alcoholic hand sanitizer to help eliminate COVID-19 virus.
  • Donating 500 EUR to a private local enterprise to help prevent medical personnel from COVID-19 virus.
  • Donating 200 liters of hand sanitizer to the Vilnius city municipality and Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos.
EKO PIRK (Lithuania)
  • Manufacturing hand disinfector according WHO Formula 1 to help combat COVID-19 virus and planning to donate some to those in need.


  • Collaborating with Ardoz Healthcare to donate eczema cream, psoriasis balsam and hand creme to hospital employees.

HEGRON (Netherlands)


  • Collaborating with Heineken among others to donate 250.000 bottles of hand sanitizer to hospitals.

ISDIN (Spain)

  • Donating more than 90K sanitizing gels and skin care products to 100 hospitals and 400 residences throughout Spain, as well as 15K personal use kits for pharmacies.
  • Donating 7 200 washing products to Goods to Give association (asbl).
  • Donating 12 products to Epicura (Ath and Hornu) hospitals.
  • Manufacturing hydro-alcoholic hand sanitizer at the company headquarters to provide to hospitals in Paris (France). See here
L’ORÉAL (Italy)
  • The L’Oréal Foundation donating 100 000 euros to its Italian non-profit partner organisations committed to combating social insecurity. The donations will be allocated to Emergency and Banco Alimentare.
  • Donating around 80.000 pieces of hydroalcoholic gel to Emergency and Banco Alimentare and more than 400 000 pieces of shower gel to Banco Building.
  • L’Oréal’s Settimo Torinese plant donating hydroalcoholic gel to the local healthcare authority ASL TO4 (Ciriè, Chivasso, Ivrea).
  • Donating products to pharmacies, hospitals, medical centres and healthcare staff. See here
L’ORÉAL (Spain)
  • Producing 20K units of disinfectant gel daily for hospitals and residences at the factory in Burgos.
  • Ramping up production of large containers of hand sanitizer for medical facilities such as hospitals to help combat. COVID-19 virus.
MAVIVE (Italy)
  • Converting the production of perfumes into antibacterial sanitizing products to support the battle against covid-19.
MB DRIU BEAUTY (Lithuania)
  • Ramping up production of WHO Nr. 1 formula hand sanitizer to help combat COVID-19 virus.
  • Suspending all payments for sales invoices with due dates in March, April and May, and postponing them for three months (respectively to June, July and August).
MIXER & PACK (Spain)
  • Becoming a supplier hydroalcoholic sanitizing solutions to the Spanish Ministry of Health.
N&B (Italy)
  • Will be donating over 5000 hand sanitizing gels to the citizens of Martano, the city where the company is located.
  • Spanish laboratories will make 19K units of hydroalcoholic gel available to hospitals and nursing homes.
PUIG (Spain)
  • Turning over perfume factory to the production of vital hand sanitizer to donate to the Spanish government.
P&G (Spain)
  • Joining the Spanish Red Cross support in financing temporary hospital infrastructures and distributing kits with more than 100K personal care products.

RITUALS (Netherlands)


  • Donating 200.000 goodie bags to the healthcare workers of the 80 Dutch hospitals as a token of gratitude.
UAB COSMOWAY (Lithuania)
  • Starting manufacturing hand hydro-alcoholic sanitizers to help combat COVID-19 virus.
VMV Cosmetic Group (Spain)
  • Donating more than 1000 liters of hydroalcoholic gels to residences and hospitals.
WELLA (Italy)
  • Establishing a Committee aimed at raising funds to support hairdressers in particular difficulties, including personal ones.
  • Launching a derogation from the payment terms of invoices to support its clients.


This list of actions has been compiled based on the input received directly from companies or national associations representing the cosmetics and personal care sector locally.

For more details please, contact a company in question or a national association in a given market.

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