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Cosmetics Europe becomes a communication partner for the European Elections 2024

  • Last updated: April 11, 2024

Cosmetics Europe has recently joined the European Elections 2024 campaign of the European Parliament as a communication partner.

The European Elections, taking place on 6-9 June, are one of the biggest democratic votes in the world. By voting people choose the next European Parliament who in turn makes decisions on the many things that matter to European citizens. For Cosmetics Europe it was important to be actively involved in the campaign for three reasons.

As the voice of the European cosmetics industry, Cosmetics Europe believes it is important to lead by example. By becoming an official partner in the campaign, Cosmetics Europe aims to encourage corporate and association members to get involved in the initiative and for colleagues across the membership to vote in the European Elections.

Cosmetics Europe also believes in the importance of democracy and in the right of every person to share his or her opinion.

Lastly, Cosmetics Europe wants to encourage as many people as possible to vote so together, we can shape the future of Europe.

Throughout April and May 2024, Cosmetics Europe will support the European Elections 2024 campaign with a series of communication activities about the elections. We will be reminding you when the elections are taking place, why voting is important and engage as many people as possible in the democratic process.

Stay tuned and follow Cosmetics Europe social media channels, LinkedIn and X, for more.

The European elections 2024: all you need to know (europa.eu) website provides further information on how to vote, why vote and how European Elections work.

It is still possible to become a Communication Partner. More information available in the Together.eu partners page.

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