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EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability: Fragrance and cosmetics value chain visit Murcia lemon fields to highlight need for balanced regulation

  • Last updated: November 14, 2023

Murcia, 14 November 2023 – Five associations active in the fragrance and cosmetics value chains in Europe and in Spain have come together to organize a two-day visit to the Murcian lemon fields. This highlights the positive contribution of the sector in the Green Transition, matched with a willingness to exchange with all parties involved.

“We are demonstrating the importance of cooperation and collaboration up and down the value chain. We must collectively build a greater understanding of the challenges posed by the implementation of the EU Green Deal – and particularly the EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS) – which is well on its way to completion”, added Germán Castillo, Managing Director of the Spanish Association of Flavour and Fragrance Companies (AEFAA).

This visit was organized in close collaboration between AEFAA, the Interprofessional Lemon and Grapefruit Association (AILIMPO), Cosmetics Europe, IFRA and the Spanish Association of Perfumes and Cosmetics (STANPA).

“The world’s second largest producer of lemons, and the Murcia region amounts for more than 50% of Spain lemon production. By combining traditional techniques and scaling-up modern techniques, such as advanced irrigation and carbon sequestration, our sector is showing itself to be reliable partner in meeting the EU’s Green Deal ambitions”, added Jose Antonio Garcia, President of AILIMPO.

The entire value chain is covered by this visit, from lemon plantations to processing plants all the way to fragrance creation sites. The delegation examining these locations features representatives from across the fragrance and cosmetics sectors, as well as local, regional and European policy makers. These include MEPs, European Commission representatives and the Mayor of Santomera, Víctor Martínez.

“The European cosmetics and personal care industry is a science-driven, forward-looking, flagship sector highly committed to innovation. We also greatly value the traditions and centuries-long expertise of local producers - such as lemon growers and processors in Murcia, who deliver the raw materials that are important ingredients in the cosmetics and perfumes we offer to consumers around the world” said John Chave, Director General of Cosmetics Europe.

“Essential oils are a key component of our industry and our country. Spain is a world leader in their production, with 72,000 hectares of essential oil crops, plantations that have an immediate economic and social impact of more than 3.5 billion euros and 50 thousand jobs”, said Val Díez, General Director of Stanpa. “However, the positive impact of essences goes much further: the value chain goes from the field into our homes. Spain is the world's second largest producer of both lemons and its essential oil. Production is almost 1,400 tons, and generates about 23,000 direct jobs in rural areas, more than 50% of which are held by women”.


Notes for Editors

About the Interprofessional Lemon and Grapefruit Association (AILIMPO)

Ailimpo is a national inter-professional association, based in Murcia, officially recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture and the European Commission, which represents the economic interests of producers, cooperatives, exporters, and lemon and grapefruit industries in Spain, a sector in which Spain is the world leader for fresh product and 2nd in the ranking of processing countries, with a turnover of €700 million per year, generating 20,000 direct jobs, and a turnover of over €250 million in related industries.

The lemon sector contributes to environmental sustainability, with a positive net balance of 304,840 tonnes of CO2 captured per year.

Its functions include: Ensuring the proper operation of the food supply chain, Drawing up agri-food contracts and developing methods for monitoring and streamlining the use of phytosanitary products to guarantee the quality of the products and the protection of the environment, and boosting and promoting quality and excellence standards in the sector

Contact: director@ailimpo.com

About Cosmetics Europe

Cosmetics Europe is the European trade association for the cosmetics and personal care industry. Our members include cosmetics and personal care manufacturers, and also associations representing our industry at national level, right across Europe.

For more than 50 years, Cosmetics Europe has been the authoritative voice of the cosmetics and personal care industry in Europe. Our industry is closely regulated at European level, and for decades we have worked closely with policy makers to ensure that European regulation is as appropriate and effective as possible. As a consequence, our understanding of regulatory processes and how they impact our industry is unrivalled.

Membership of Cosmetics Europe allows associations and companies to truly help shape the regulatory and policy landscape within which our industry must operate.

Media representatives should address their questions to media@cosmeticseurope.eu

About the International Fragrance Association (IFRA)

The International Fragrance Association, founded in 1973, represents the interests of the fragrance industry worldwide. IFRA comprises seven multinational Regular Members and 23 national associations in four global regions representing hundreds of small and medium-sized fragrance ingredient manufacturers, as well as supporting members. Its mission is to promote the safe use of fragrance for everyone’s enjoyment.

Fragrances are a key platform technology used by consumer goods companies – for fine fragrances, personal care products, household care and more. IFRA’s flagship safe use program, the IFRA Standards, applies safety management measures based on scientific assessment and the evaluations of an independent Expert Panel. The program is at the heart of the IFRA Code of Practice, which applies to all IFRA members globally, including members of IFRA’s national associations. The Code also requires members to abide by local, national and international regulation, and to apply good manufacturing practices.

Charles de Lusignan, Global Communications Director cdelusignan@ifrafragrance.org

About the Spanish Cosmetics, Toiletry and Perfumery Association (STANPA)

Stanpa is the Spanish Cosmetics, Toiletry and Perfumery Association. Founded in 1952, we currently have 300 member companies, that represent more than 400 entities that manufacture and distribute perfumes, cosmetics and personal care products in Spain.

Contact: Clara Pi clara.pi@stanpa.com

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