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Korres: Sourcing sustainably to preserve biodiversity

Inspired by Greece’s natural resources and striving to protect their local environment, KORRES have for the past 25 years structured their supply and production process with science and sustainability at its heart. Their Full Circle process encompasses six distinctive labs focussing on organic cultivation and cooperation with local farmers; extraction of the herbs; primary research; product formulation, design; and recycling. These help KORRES ensure that the environmental impact of their products is minimised.

Inspired by nature

KORRES aims to make the most of the local geography, microclimates, and indigenous plants. Their extraction lab, for example, which operates a zero-waste process and uses only natural solvents, extracts indigenous plant species like Santorini grape, saffron from Kozani, and mountain tea from the foothills of Mount Olympus, and transforms them into ingredients to be used in cosmetics.

Advancing sustainability through networks

KORRES takes full ownership of the process from cultivation to extraction. The company maintains a network of 30 co-operations with local farmers, agricultural cooperatives, social and educational institutions. Working with local suppliers has also cut CO2 emissions due to reduced transportation of raw materials.

KORRES ensures that learnings are shared as widely as possible across Greece’s agricultural communities. In Association with the Agricultural University of Athens, KORRES trains and advises farmers on topics such as how to prevent contamination from neighbouring farms or how to effectively collect climate data.

KORRES also works with organisations such as the Institute of Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources to protect plant populations and endangered species. Supporting initiatives such as the Institute’s Balkan Botanical Garden of Kroussia, for instance, progresses the preservation work of Greece’s unique plants.

Beyond the environment: generating social impact

KORRES aims to have a positive social as well as environmental impact. The company provides training and consulting service to farmers, sharing skills and knowledge to help them expand their businesses.

When looking for new cultivation areas, KORRES works with the Agricultural University of Athens to identify the optimal locations for growing the required ingredients, but they also take economic and social criteria, such as unemployment rates, into consideration. This process ensures that suitable locations are selected, and that the investment in the area will also have a positive impact on the local farmers and their community.

Future plans

KORRES is constantly looking to expand its network of suppliers and partners in order to identify and utilise even more local herbs and plants in their products. Studying Greek plants and discovering powerful actives remains essential in the company’s efforts to promote local biodiversity.

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